Glendale Baptist Church

Glen, Mississippi

Introducing the 


In September 2020, Glendale will offer a brand new student ministry for everyone grades 7-12. The name of this youth discipleship program will be called "Together" and will meet each Sunday evening at 5:30 P.M. at Glendale Baptist Church. Located below, you will find about our mission statement, our curriculum, and the beginnings of a calendar of events. Thanks so much in your interest in our Student Ministry at Glendale. We love our students and we continue to emphasize that "Each one is different. Each one is special."

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: "Together" Student Discipleship, exists to encourage, equip, and support Christian students as they seek to know Jesus Christ, their spiritual gifts, and their God-given purpose in life while providing a spirit of fellowship and growth.

"Together" will use a Bible study for teens by LifeWay known as MilestonesMilestones was developed by the creators of Bible Studies for Life: Students, which exists to point students and student leaders to the application of biblical teaching to everyday life through weekly group Bible studies and additional resources. Every lesson within Bible Studies for Life contains a bible study that points students to Jesus, is rooted in Scripture, and provides application for living in today's context. The topics and subjects chosen in each quarter of Bible Studies for Life fit within a larger framework called Levels of Biblical LearningLevels of Biblical Learning consists of ten theological topics we believe students should grasp before graduating high school. These include: 

  • God
  • Jesus
  • Holy Spirit
  • Bible
  • Salvation
  • Creation
  • Church
  • People
  • Family
  • Community & World

Within these ten topics are 52 theological statements, which make up the core content students would be exposed to and learn each year as they go through Bible Studies for Life. The quarterly topics and Scripture passages that make up each lesson in Bible Studies for Life are tied the framework of Levels of Biblical Learning, which guides the Scripture selection.

While we are able to connect students to the Levels of Biblical Learning and the theological statements in each lesson of Bible Studies for Life, we wanted to provide a resource capable of going deep into the weight and significance these levels have for personal faith and discipleship. This is what Milestones seeks to do. Over the course of six volumes, each of the 52 theological statements will be explored in depth, noting both the theological importance and personal. application each has for everyday life. By going through these six volumes, we hope students will grow in their personal knowledge and understanding of God and His world. We also pray that God will use these resources to equip another generation to boldly proclaim the truth of the gospel in a world where Jesus-the Truth-is desperately needed.♦


♦ Milestones/Introduction. Milestones: Connecting God's Word to Life, Vol. 1. p. 2.     

One week we will have a Bible study from the "Milestones" curriculum. The following week, we will provide a discussion on a spiritual discipline. These will be very fun and very practical examples for students to either begin various disciplines or to help other students by sharing methods that are effective.  


Here is a plan for the month of September. Calendar is subject to change. 

Friday, September 4, 2020

Student service project to provide supper to the Alcorn Central High School football team. TBDEmail 
Sunday, September 6, 2020First night of class (Class introduction, etc.)                                                    [Lesson: The Triune God]5:30 P.M.Scripture
Sunday, September 13, 2020Spiritual Disciplines: Journaling5:30 P.M.  
Friday, September 19, 2020Youth FACT (Fellowship At Church Tonight)5:30 P.M. 
Sunday, September 20, 2020National Back to Church Sunday Emphasis (Invite a Friend!)                             [Lesson: God is Holy]5:30 P.M.Scripture
Sunday, September 27, 2020Spiritual Disciplines: Gifts and Callings (Special Guests!)5:30 P.M.