Glendale Baptist Church

Glen, Mississippi

This Needs To Be Said

In light of all that is going on in the world right now, I have committed to trying to be more of a peacemaker. After all, based on the Beatitudes, being a peacemaker should be the plan for all of God's people. However, I can be silent no more. What I am about to share has been brewing within me for months now. I have been silent, but no more! It is time to to devote some attention to a most important matter. 

What concerns me is a lack of protection for people today. Let me explain. If companies can put a foil seal on a can of coffee, if a bottle of Awesome cleaner (which costs $1 at Dollar Tree and is an amazing cleaner, by the way), if a gallon of milk can have that little plastic tab to ensure no one has tampered with the milk, then companies can put a protective plastic film on the top of a container of ice cream. I mean, c'mon! We are living in 2021. We send people into outer space all the time. We have breakthrough technologies that make life so much easier. Even now, millions of COVID 19 vaccines are being manufactured. Why can't ice cream companies put a piece of plastic under the lid of a container of ice cream so customers can purchase the ice cream without fear that someone has opened and messed with the product? 

Oh, I have thought long and hard about bringing this issue to light. However, I feel like it is my American duty to pose these questions. Let me say, I have eaten far more than the national average of ice cream in my lifetime. I'm not bragging; I'm simply stating the facts. I would put my ice cream eating skills besides anyone's. But, I haven't bought a container of ice cream in so long. I have to rely on ice cream sandwiches, or some of those chocolate chip cookies with ice cream between them, or fudge pops. Don't get me wrong, these are good to have in case you have company drop in and you can offer them a cool treat. But, when it comes to pure self-indulgence, I want a half gallon all to myself! I used to buy three containers of ice cream. One for me, one for my wife, and one for our son. I would eat mine straight from the bucket. Michelle and Luke would scoop their ice cream into bowls. Also, Michelle is not a big ice cream fan. So, I would give her a few days and if she had not eaten hers, then I would start on it while watching television. It was good! It was normal. Ladies and gentlemen, it was right! 

But now, what I am supposed to do? Oh, what I would do to able to purchase a half gallon of Blue Bell Pralines and Cream, tear open the safety plastic seal, and enjoy. But I can't. Do you know why? Because Blue Bell and most other ice cream companies don't have the safety plastic seal that gives me the confidence I need to enjoy their wonderful product without fear of despoilment. Furthermore, I know I can't be the only one of feels this way. If you are in authority with Blue Bell or any other ice cream company, I want to tell you a great truth. If you will be the one to start putting a protective plastic seal on top of your ice cream, your profits will soar! Also, be the one who starts, what should be fundamental safety practice. 

So, why did I feel so strongly about this topic? What made me put my feelings into words and publish them on the Internet? Here it is: Our world has suffered with the coronavirus. Our nation is faced with great division and turmoil. Don't take away our ice cream. Spend just a few pennies more so that consumers, like this pastor, can purchase your product with absolute certitude that their frozen goodness is fresh and untouched by human hands (or worse). If I can somehow bring about change, then I will feel as though I have left a lasting legacy.  If companies will hear our pleas and meet these heartfelt requests, then I will feel as though we will have taken one giant leap for Mankind. 

Just for the record, I still hold to a great desire to be a peacemaker. I just want some ice cream. 



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